A/C Compressor Clutch for Saturn Astra

With a Saturn Astra, you have a powerful compact car built to stand the test of time. That being said, certain systems such as air conditioning require regular maintenance. If the compressor wears out, you can replace this part without touching the rest of your Saturns systems.

How do Astra compressors work?

The Astra air conditioner uses R143a refrigerant in a repeated cycle from cool to hot to cool again. The compressor starts the cycle by taking liquid R143a and compressing it into a gas. This initial step is necessary for cool air later in the cycle. The parts and their functions are described below:

  • Compressor: The main body of the compressor consists of one solid metal container. Because of the high pressures in this part, damage often leads to refrigerant leakage. Additionally, unrepaired damage often releases metal and other debris that flows down through the cycle. Quick maintenance can help prevent more serious damage to equipment down the line. If left unrepaired, the air conditioner will work less efficiently or not at all. Your Astra will take longer to cool down, and the engine will have to work harder to compensate.
  • Compressor clutch: The clutch attaches to the main compressor body. Based on your Saturns temperature settings, it starts the air conditioning cycle. The clutch consists of three circular pieces that you can replace separately or as a unit.
  • Clutch coil: This part has a power cord attached to it that powers the assembly. If the compressor clutch keeps spinning, there may be an issue with the electrical connection.
  • Clutch pulley: You can identify this part by the round hole in the middle. The pulley creates friction and starts the cycle when engaged.
  • Clutch hub: This round plate fits on top of the compressor clutch and holds it securely in place.
How can you find the right Saturn parts?

If you find a problem with the A/C compressor, repairing it as soon as possible should be a priority. Here are the facts to keep in mind when searching for replacements:

  • Astra model: The Astra name refers to a range of compact car models made by related manufacturers in the same auto family. The Saturn Astra make is different from other makes with this name. Always make sure to look for Astra parts made specifically for Saturn vehicles.
  • Trim and engine: At the time of release, the Saturn Astra also included different trims, the base XE 5-door hatchback and the upgraded XR. These trim types may have different size engines and air conditioners. Always make sure to search by trim, engine, and transmission type.
  • Part kits: You should know what part or parts need service. Depending on the issues you find, you may be able to swap out just the compressor clutch or one of its inner rings. As an alternative, kits offer convenient bundles designed to make installing easier, such as fasteners and related parts.