Chevrolet Cruze A/C Compressor Clutch

The compressor clutch is one of the required parts to operate air conditioning in your vehicle. The air conditioning of a car is powered by a compressor that works by pushing compressed refrigerant through the air conditioning system. The compressor is powered by the engine flywheel and operated by the clutch.

Why is the compressor clutch not working on your vehicle?

The problem could be any of the following parts:

  • A bad clutch coil
  • Poor ground
  • A blown fuse
  • An opening in the wire leading to the clutch coil
  • A faulty low-pressure switch or evaporator temperature sensor used to turn on the clutch relay (in some cars)
Why wont the compressor clutch stop spinning?

There are two reasons why this can occur:

  • Low-pressure switch - A bad unit will keep the clutch engaged.
  • No clutch – Your vehicle has an A/C compressor without a clutch. Instead, the compressor is controlled by an internal valve which may be on or off.
What is a compressor clutch relay?

The compressor clutch relay powers the A/C compressor and clutch the same way other electrical systems on a car are powered by an electrical relay. If the relay is not working properly, it may result in inconsistent cooling, the compressor not turning on, or no cold air blowing at all.

What is a compressor clutch coil?

It is one of the internal parts of the A/C compressor clutch. The part is electromagnetic and it draws the clutch hub against the pulley. Normal resistance should be between 3.0 and 5.0 ohms.

How do you test the compressor clutch?
  • Look for any tears and rips on all sides of the belt connected to the compressor. If it has been stretched out, it will need to be replaced as well. The inside is considered stretched if it is excessively smooth and shiny. If it is torn or stretched, replace it before testing other components of the compressor.
  • Listen for any screeching noises coming from the pulley or belt. This is an indicator that either will need to be replaced.
  • Start the engine of your car and make sure the air conditioner is turned off. Connect a voltage meter to your car’s battery using the negative terminal. Unplug the wires coming from the compressor. One feed wire should be connecting all the wires. Check each of the three connections using the voltage meter to make sure there is no activity. With the car still running, turn the A/C on and test the three connections. The volt meter should pick up activity on the middle connection. If the meter does not detect any activity, both the wire and air compressor clutch need to be replaced.