Chevrolet Cavalier A/C Compressor Clutch

The Chevrolet Cavalier A/C compressor clutch is located at the front of the compressor where the belt rides. When power is generated and the magnetic field is distributed to the clutch, it turns the compressor and makes the air flow. The Chevrolet clutches are compatible with the coupe and sedan models.

What are the three parts of the Chevrolet model clutch?

The A/C compressor clutch has three different parts that function to keep the compressor clutch operating in good condition. They are also needed to keep the car air circulating through the compressor. The three parts consist of:

  • Hub: The Chevrolet Cavalier hub is the round, metal piece on the front of the compressor near the cars engine. The large magnet pulls the hub face onto the pulley face. The hub, which is mated with the shaft, starts the compressors internal parts to rotate, creating suction and discharge.
  • Coil: The coil, located beneath the pulley is also called the coil field. Inside the coil, there is a tightly wound copper with electromagnetic properties.
  • Pulley: The pulley is where the belt rides, and it stays on as long as the car air conditioning is on.

What are signs of a failing A/C compressor clutch?

There are times when the A/C compressor clutch can fail. There will be a number of signs indicating a problem including:

  • Blowing warm air: This could mean the discharge pressure is too low, or compressor is delivering insignificant amount of refrigerant.
  • Not working: If the A/C compressor has voltage, but doesnt come on, the clutch could need repair or replacement.
  • Overheating: When the clutch is overheating, this could mean slippage of the pulley. It could also be from the clutch coil receiving the wrong amount of voltage. Either way, the clutch is in bad shape.
  • Noisy system: The Cavalier air conditioning clutch will make loud noises and sometimes make knocking sounds. This is a sign of compressor clutch failure. If it has failed, the Cavalier should be taken to the nearest Chevrolet dealer.

What simple fixes for your Cavalier should be ruled out?

There can be a number of issues related to the air conditioning clutch that may only require a simple fix. There are times when there could be something as simple as debris blocking the A/C condenser. Debris will prevent cold air from passing through. While the air conditioning not coming on is a serious problem, it is a good idea to check the vehicles blown fuses first. If the issue with the car is serious, it should be taken to a certified Chevrolet Cavalier dealer for inspection.