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25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

Your 25th Anniversary Set in a Five-Piece Box

The American Silver Eagle is an anniversary bullion coin issued by the U.S. Mint. The Silver Eagle celebrates over 25 years of circulation in a box set of five coins. The first 25th commemoration was in 2011, and it continues to be sought by collectors.

Are all American Eagle coins made in silver?

This coin is made in gold, silver, and platinum during mintage. These bullion metals are the most used precious metals. Such metals are priced through an open market where values change daily. Coins often preserve a historical idea as well as the time frame when they were struck. This value is captured in the term "proof." Proofed coins are pressed for one side to be smooth while the other is dull without reflection. The silver Eagle is also made with a reverse proof that eliminates the cloudy appearance of popular proofed mints. Each coin is valued by the following factors:

  • Capturing the spot rate: The spot rate is a current market value of a coin or precious metal, and it?s priced in ?troy ounces.? A common ounce equals 28.35 grams whereas a troy ounce equals 31.1 grams of silver or gold.
  • The purity of silver: The purity of silver in each coin is measured at 99.9%.
  • Who created it: The U.S. Mint manufactures this set, and their work provides collectors with confidence regarding the value of each coin.
Can American Eagle coins be bought at different weights?

Eagle coins are manufactured at a number of different weights. A single troy ounce is common because the market value for precious metals is measured this way. Other options include troy halves, quarters, and tenths. This anniversary set comes with five coins that each weigh one troy ounce.

Does the manufacturing location of a coin matter?

Each 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle is minted in a specific U.S. state. The location is recognized by what?s called the mint mark. These marks are used by collectors. The age of a coin will dictate when location is really important. Some U.S. states produce few coins, and this can add to the value of each piece over time.

What determines the value of the set?

The 25th Anniversary set for the American Eagle was created with a limited number of coins: 100,000 to be exact. Here are a few factors that dictate auction values:

  • Weight: Being that these coins are all measured as one troy ounce, each standard ounce will affect price.
  • Issuer: The United States backs each coin they create, and this helps to support the cost of each item.
  • Guaranteed proof: The guaranteed proof provides collectors with rarer qualities because other coins won?t have the same proof marks.
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