Get Down to Business With the 2009 MacBook Pro

Released in 2009, the 5th generation of Apple MacBook features solid construction, durability, power, and the signature Apple touch. Popular with graphic designers, video editors, and anyone looking for a stable platform to conduct business from, the 2009 MacBook Pro has the capability to tackle a wide range of demanding tasks so you don't have to leave work unfinished just because you get up from your desk. Milled from a single block of aluminum, the MacBook Pro is designed for work or play on the go.

How do you pick the right laptop?

With such a wide range of options, even just within the Apple MacBook computing space, picking the right notebook for your lifestyle can be overwhelming. There are a few key things to consider when searching for a new MacBook that can help:

  • Intended use EUR" What do you intend to use your laptop for? This will determine what specifications you'll need to complete those tasks. If it's casual use, you may not need as much computing power. If you're doing tasks that require large amounts of processing power, or intensive graphics projects, it could be worth it to spring for more power. Decide what you'll be using your computer for on a daily basis and pick the hardware that will meet those demands.
  • Specifications EUR" Going hand in hand with the above mentioned intended use, the specifications you want will be dependent on what you'll be using the laptop for. Intel Core 2 Duo or even quad-core processors allow for heavy multitasking, while large hard drives let you store potentially thousands of pictures or movies. The amount of memory will also help heavy multitaskers, and anyone looking to do graphic-intensive work will want a dedicated or discrete graphics card (GPU).
  • Size and weight - If you tend to travel frequently with your device, a lighter and smaller option may be preferable. If portability isn't a huge issue, a larger device may allow you to work more efficiently.
What are the differences between early and mid-2009 models?

This will vary from model to model, but the later model 2009 MacBook Pros feature slightly more powerful hardware than their earlier releases. The most relevant example is the larger 15-inch MacBook Pros that sport Intel Core 2 Duo processors up to around 3.0 GHz, with an optional dual NVIDIA GeForce 9400M GT / 9600M GT. Both early and mid-2009 model MacBook Pros will feature the all-durable aluminum construction that the MacBook Pro is known for.

The later-model 2009 Apple MacBooks also feature a smaller 13-inch model that isn't present in the early 2009 models.

Which versions of Mac OS X can 2009 MacBooks use?

Both early and mid-2009 MacBook Pros are compatible with Mac OS X up to OS X 10.11.x El Capitan. In both cases, they won't have Handoff Support via Bluetooth, but can take advantage of the other Mac OS features present in those versions.

Can you upgrade 2009 model MacBook Pros?

There are a handful of limited upgrades that can be performed on 2009 MacBook Pros, including RAM and hard drives. This will largely depend on the model itself as far as upgrade space is concerned.