Frequently Asked Questions About 20-Pin Computer Power Connectors

20-pin computer power cable connectors are utilized to evenly distribute electrical charge throughout the different pieces of hardware in a desktop computer. The cables are essential in creating a reliable connection between the motherboard and the tertiary elements of a desktop PC. These power connector cables are designed with Molex technology and compatibility.

What types of 20-pin connectors are available?

The 20-pin connectors available are those that connect with pre-installed reception areas, otherwise known as 'male' cables. The connectors are utilized to connect the different devices found in a PC, such as the fans, video card, power supply, and case, with the motherboard. The motherboard is the center of all desktop PCs, as it houses the processor, and controls the vast majority of functions available. The cables are designed to prevent discharge and electrical damage being done to both the motherboard and the components connected to it. 20-pin technology is utilized, which is the most common style of pin connectivity found in modern hardware. The cables are also designed to control and handle high voltages. Hardware is constructed to be connected with Molex, ATX, and SATA reception areas, making them compatible with power supplies, motherboards, and video cards.

How do you install the hardware?

Installation is contingent on the target component. Below is a short guide to connecting the cords and their plugs with the related hardware:

  • Motherboard: The motherboard houses several different connector areas. The most essential are those that power the fans and connect the motherboard to the PC case. These plugs are significantly larger than the others found on the board and are easily identifiable. The largest port on the hardware will be that which connects it with the power supply. In some scenarios, the PC case will include a plug adapter to make this connection possible. ATX motherboards are the intended target device.
  • Video Card: Video cards should be attached to both the motherboard connector and the power supply. Use the included power cable to connect the video card with the power supply. The ports are located at the far left end of the front of the card.
  • Fans: Locate the connector area for the fans, which should be at the back end of the PC. Attach the Molex adapter to this, then to the power supply.
Is the connector hardware universal?

The connectors are universal among all modern PC hardware. Computer hardware manufacturers create their devices and peripheral connectors so as to be used with a broad spectrum of devices. These connectors are designed with this in mind, and rarely require the use of an adapter. The most commonly utilized target devices are ATX boards and high-voltage cases.

Will the hardware affect the target device?

In many scenarios, the materials used to control power supply distribution can lead to a more power-efficient desktop computer and peripheral use. In others, it can reduce the amount of residual static found while operating on a powered-down device.