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Marked Initials on the VDB Wheat Penny

Don?t be surprised when finding a penny worth over $1,000. Collecting pennies is a favorable pastime for some enthusiasts. You can collect these items through a large inventory selection on eBay.

What does the VDB penny inscription mean?

Victor David Brenner (VDB) was the designer of the Lincoln penny. It was first struck in 1909 when the prior Indian Head penny was removed from circulation. His initials are part of a popular practice called mint-marking. These marks indicate where a coin was made and from which nation. The mint house these pennies originate from is Philadelphia. You can find this ?S? mark under the year written as 1909.

Why are wheat pennies valuable?

The U.S. Mint holds more popularity than what one might conceive from mainstream media. Since its founding fathers, the United States has used its mintage to press coins for collecting and for use as real currency. The money distributed by this agency gains greater market value than the face values used and due to age or how rare an item becomes. The rarity of a coin is founded on the actual numbers created and how long ago they were used. The original 1909 Lincoln pennies are rare. There are only few public rounds that survived, yet many collectors seek them.

Which grade of pennies are worth more than face value?

Pennies have been a longstanding tradition around the U.S. dollar. These coins continue to change along with the identity of the United States. They have become collectibles due to this change. The types of coins you have for collecting include limited editions, commemoration editions, error rounds, and uncirculated rounds. Those that are uncirculated are no longer in use but were once accepted at face value around the country. Here are more reasons to follow eBay penny auctions:

  • The Indian Head cent - This was ended in 1909 and presents a young American male with a feather headdress.
  • The Wheat cent - This penny now shows an image of the Lincoln memorial but began with two heads of grain on the reverse side.
  • Obverse doubled-die - Some older coins were struck in a manner where their features seem doubled due to a missed or doubled strike.
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