Understanding Different Categories of Ring Terminals

Using the right ring terminal during an electrical wiring project is not only crucial for your safety but also ensures safe electrical connections at the insulation point on equipment, a facility, home appliances, or business applications.

What is a ring terminal?

It is a type of wire terminal that may either be soldered or crimped to the wire for electrical connection. Their sizes are based on the diameter and size of compatible wire of the terminal ring. These types of connectors are useful in low-voltage DC applications.

A distinctive attribute of a ring terminal is its copper connection material. Ring terminals connect either two or more wires to a single connection point like a circuit protection device. Ring terminals are available in either of the following styles; non-insulated, vinyl insulated, or heat shrink insulated.

What is a wire gauge?

The term gauge defines the thickness of a wire/cable. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the cable. American wire gauge (AWG) is a standardized method of measuring a cables thickness. However, this method is specifically used for an electrically conductive wire. It is important to note that, the cable's diameter does not include its outer insulation, but the conducting wires inside.

What is a crimp connector?

Electrical crimp is a type of connection that is soderless. Crimp connectors can either terminate stranded wires or are used for cables of both large and small cross-sections. You can use small cross-sections wires with wire-wrap.

What are insulated ring terminals?

They are used to connect to screws and studs. The rings are used to mount wire and to make electrical contact on the flat surface of a spade terminal or ring. Ring terminal sizes range. The design of a flared vinyl makes inserting a wire fast and easy. Tina plated coppers base is insulated for fire safety. Temperature ratings are as high as 221° F and the voltage rating of 600 volts. Below are the available options:

  • Vinyl terminals - They come in tinned plated coppers body wire support with a PVC/plastic barrel.
  • Heat shrink terminals - Used where wire connections are subject to outdoor or environmental applications such as temperature and moisture differences.
  • Nylon terminals - Is a more ragged option over vinyl due to its ability to provide higher temperature resistance, also resistant to solvents.

What are the categories of insulated ring terminals?

  • Vinyl insulated - They provide quality and safe electrical writing connections in wire and cable installations. They are available to fit 10-22 gauge AWG wires. They are easy to mount using a screw or bolt.
  • Nylon insulated - Has got similar features to the vinyl insulated terminal. The only difference is the nylon sheath is more durable than the vinyl ring terminal option.
  • Heat shrink insulated - They have got similar features to the above, however, heat shrink insulation protects and seals the wire connection to prevent corrosion making it a durable option.