16 AWG Car Audio Power and Speaker Wires for Crystal-Clear Automotive Audio

If you want to make sure that all of the mid-range speakers and tweeters in your car have ample power to produce sound, you might want to try the speaker wires in this collection. There are plenty of different wire styles to choose from, and there's no place like eBay for finding the car audio components that you need.

What types of reasonably priced 16-gauge wire are there?

There are a few different style options to choose from as you select the right type of speaker wire for your vehicle. Here are some examples of the different types of wire that are at your disposal:

  • Black and red wire: Traditionally, these types of wire were made with black and red plastic insulation. These colors are used to distinguish between positive and negative electrical leads, and many of the wires in this collection still follow this simplified color scheme.
  • Multicolored wire: Since most contemporary car audio systems incorporate many different speakers, some car owners may find it helpful to have speaker wires that come in a variety of different colors. Multicolored 16-gauge wire makes it easy to differentiate the wires that are going to different speakers within your car.
  • Transparent wire: If mixing up wires isn't a danger in your situation, you might want to try transparent copper wire. This type of wire features clear plastic insulation, which means that the copper inside is easy to make out. The main advantage of this type of wire is that it is aesthetically pleasing.
Are these wires available in different lengths?

Yes, they are. The wires in this collection are available in a variety of different lengths. In most cases, the maximum length you'll be able to find is 50 feet, but some spools have 100 feet or more of wire. While you may want to select a shorter wire length if you know exactly how much wire you'll need for a project, having excess wire on hand can also be advantageous. You can cut your own lengths of wire from a larger spool as long as you have wire cutters and wire strippers that can strip 16 AWG wire.

How do you pick the right wire?

If you want to make sure that 16 AWG wire is right for your application, check the user's manual for the speakers that you want to hook up. From there, it is just a matter of deciding which wire color scheme is best for your purposes.