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What You Need to Know About LED and LCD Laptop Screens and Panels

Laptops allow you to stay connected with people and get work done while on the go. Laptops will have either LED or LCD technology used in their screen designs. When selecting a replacement screen for your laptop, there are different features and designs to consider.

How can you choose a replacement LED or LCD screen?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Laptop information: You will want to gather information on the screen size of your existing laptop. You can measure the size diagonally or you may also be able to gather this information in the laptops manual.
  • Brand: There are different brands of screen replacements available for your laptop. If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer parts, you can select from LCDs manufactured by the same company that produced your laptop. Some brands include ASUS, HP, and Lenovo. There are also various unbranded and generic types available as well.
  • Features: In addition to selecting either an LCD or LED laptop screen, you can choose from features such as a touch screen. That would let you use your fingers to navigate your computer similar to a smartphone. Some LCDs will also have anti-glare coatings so that you can view the images easier in sunlight or outdoor settings.
  • Resolution: This determines how many pixels can be shown on the laptop screen. The resolution will determine how sharp the image will be and how much can be shown on the laptop screen at the same time.
What is the difference between LED and LCD?

There are several differences, including:

  • LED: This type of LCD screen uses light-emitting diodes that can adjust the brightness of each individual LED. These LCD screens will use either a color wheel or RGB colors to show the images on the LCD screen. Some LED screens will also use backlights that are used in dimming the panels.
  • LCD: LCD screens stand for liquid crystal display. With this type of monitor, liquid crystals are held between two thin layers of glass. Lights behind the screen provide the color in this design. Other components include a polarizer on each side of the LCD screen. This helps your laptop line up the images properly.
What would be considered a full-HD display?

High Definition displays are also referred to as high-resolution LCDs. HD screens are used on widescreen laptops that allow you to watch videos and other media without cropping the image. When looking at high-resolution screens for your laptop, there are two main types of scanning options available.

  • Progressive: This type of scanning will be displayed as 1080p on the LCD screen. This type scans one row at a time from top to bottom.
  • Interlaced: Interlaced scanning will show up as 1080i for the resolution. This type of scanning will take one cycle to refresh half of the horizontal pixels. The system will alternate the refreshed rolls between cycles.
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