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128MB PC133 Computer RAM

Find Out More About PC133 128MB Computer RAM

Improve the performance of an older system, particularly if you use programs that use a lot of resources, with a memory upgrade. With PC133 128MB computer RAM units or sticks, not only will you increase the speed of an older system, you will greatly improve its multi-tasking capabilities. Easy to install or implement, a RAM upgrade can help you recycle an older system to help with work, school, or personal use.

What PC133 128MB computer RAM units are available?

There are several items available including, but not limited to, the following features and options:

  • Brands: Options include Crucial, Hynix, IBM, Infineon, Kingston, Micron, PNY, and Samsung.
  • Form factor: Choose from DIMM and SO-DIMM.
  • Number of modules: Choose from one, two, and four.
  • Number of pins: Choose from 144, 168, and 200.
  • Type: Choose from DDR1 SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, and SDR SDRAM.

How do you know you need more RAM?

The major indicators of needing more MB RAM are usually slow speed and/or a system that seems to lock up when more than one application is running. If youre still unsure of whether or not you need more MB RAM, access your systems resource manager available in Windows systems from Windows 7 on. There you will see each resource being used and how. There you can also see how many times each application tried to read memory that the system pushed into the pagefile because there wasnt enough memory.

How do you install RAM on your computer?

  • Know your layout: Do your homework. If you dont already know where to find the memory slots in your system, research the systems layouts before you start so youll know what youre looking for. Having a manual or the schematics for your systems motherboard will be handy here. Also, know what type of RAM unit your systems can accept.
  • Getting started: First, shut down your system and remove all cables and peripherals connected to it.
  • Removing the old: Before you can install the new memory, you have to take out the old kit. The memory slots are next to the heatsink near the top of the motherboard. Loosen the plastic clips on each end of the memory slots and remove the MB RAM there now.
  • Preparation: Clean the area before installing the new memory and ensure its free of dust or debris. Canned compressed air works well here.
  • Installing the new RAM: Know how to orient the new memory unit into the correct slots. Youre not out to fill all the slots, but it is important to know which slots are to be used first. Make sure the rise in the slot matches up with the notch at the bottom of the RAM unit. Once youve got the new unit placed, fasten it in with the plastic retention clips.
  • Finish up: Ensuring everything is in place, close up your case and start the system. It may take a couple of reboots for the motherboard to recognize the new unit. Once it has, allow the system to run for several minutes, then reboot a final time.