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1200x1200 DPI Flatbed Computer Scanners

Make Professional Copies With a 1200 x 1200 DPI Flatbed Scanner

Your flatbed scanner adds to the mix of office equipment that helps you provide professional printing services. Publish in-house booklets, magazines, newsletters, and more for your business, too. These scanners plug directly into your computer and save files that produce prints at a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.

What functions does a flatbed scanner provide?

Each model has its own set of capabilities. Some machines used in print shops, at commercial offices, and on production floors include the following:

  • Multifunction scanner and printer: This allows for printing directly from an all-in-one printer and scanner or scanning the files and sending them to a separate print device.
  • Production of multiple document types: Some machines scan information for documents that you would print on plain, matte, glossy, or card-stock paper.
  • Save scanned files as multiple media forms: Most devices allow you to print a copy either directly from the scanner or from a companion printer. They also typically offer save-to-email and save-to-PDF functions to provide you with digital copies.
  • USB or wireless connection: Some printing and scanning devices provide a USB cable for direct connection to your computer for making paper and digital copies. You have the option of choosing a scanner and printer combo that will save files to cloud storage for access on any device.
  • One-touch operation: Make sure you set this option to the desired paper size. Additionally, decide other parameters such as margins before you begin scanning.
What caliber of copies does a flatbed scanner produce?

Many of them produce photos, brochures, business cards, and more at about a 300 dpi resolution for both offline and online use. Some machines offer 48-bit pixel print resolutions, but you often can use a scanning device to generate 8- or 18-bit grayscale and black and white documents.

At what speed does a flatbed scanner provide a copy?

It depends on whether the printer functions are included with the scanner as one unit or the documents are sent to a separate device. Some devices will produce one sheet in about 6-7 seconds but others could shoot out single sheets in only a few seconds.

What features are key when choosing one of these machines?

You might want a scanner that holds at least 40-50 sheets for volume print jobs, as is the case with certain HP, Epson, or Canon laser printers. It is helpful to have a menu that lets you specify whether you want legal, letter, label, or envelope copies. You also might want a machine that helps you produce booklets, stationery, and photos. If you choose a flatbed scanner that also prints, the type of ink the machine takes also determines how sharp the copies will look.