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11 - 12.9 Inch Tablets

Choosing the Right Tablet for Business on the Go

Modern tablets come equipped with high processing power and advanced functionalities enabling you to stay productive while on the go. With the right tablet, you can enjoy the portability of a tablet and the functionality of a laptop.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Tablet?

With so many tablets available in the market, picking the right one can be quite a challenge. Below are some of the points you should bear in mind.

  • Operating system: You can choose between Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. The operating system you choose will to a great extent determine your tablets functionalities. Apple and Google app stores by far offer more business app choices than both Windows and Amazons Fire OS. If your business has high-level compliance or security needs, then Windows is likely the most ideal option. With the OS, youre essentially getting the full desktop version on a tablet.
  • Processor: The performance of your tablet is largely determined by the processor. When looking at the processor, you should consider the processor speed, expressed in GHz and the number of cores. The higher the number of cores, the more your tablet will be able to "spread the load" and the better it will perform. Most 11 to 12.9-inch Windows business tablets come with Intel dual-core or Intel quad-core processors.
  • Memory: Generally, the higher the RAM the better. Youll want to aim for 2 to 3 GB RAM for Android tablets and 4 to 8 GB for a Windows tablet.
  • Screen: Most business tablets fall in the 11 to 12.9-inch category. A larger tablet will offer you ample work space as well the opportunity to attach a full-sized keyboard.
  • Storage: The right storage capacity will likely depend on your usage. If you happen to run resource-heavy business programs and store large files, you should opt for a larger capacity.
  • Connectivity: Does the tablet come with built-in LTE or Wi-Fi capability? You should also consider whether the tablet supports HDMI and micro-SD connections.

What Are the Pros of 11 to 12.9-inch Tablets?

Large screen tablets are built to be laptop alternatives and are ideal for business users who have a focus on productivity. 12-inch tablets can easily handle the full range of tasks anyone would want a standard notebook to do including browsing, checking email, and running business software. In addition, having a large display makes it easy to work with multiple applications at the same time. Additional benefits of having a large screen tablet include:

  • Portability: Tablet computers offer a compact alternative to notebooks. The devices are thin and light, making them ultraportable.
  • Battery life: The tablets are more energy efficient and can last hours on a single charge. This can come in handy when you are on the move or when you have limited opportunities to recharge your battery.

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