1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coins

Complete Your Collection with 1-Ounce American Eagle Gold Coins

Coin collecting can be big business if you are starting a collection with some of the higher-value coins. Buying bullion coins such as gold coins can be a great step for those at any stage of building a collection. Knowing about the coin's history and value can help you make a decision on what coins to include in your collection.

How many varieties of Gold Eagles are there?

Gold coins may look the same with the Saint-Gaudens Lady Liberty design, but they have different values based on the size and weight of metal within the coin. These coins produced by the U.S. Mint come in $5, $10, $25 and $50 denominations.

How do collectors value one-ounce gold coins?

Bullion coins from the U.S. Mint are made from silver, gold, and platinum and are measured by the troy ounce, and a huge selection of them are available on eBay. Because of this, the coins are often valued at well above face value.

  • Value will vary - The value of Gold Eagle bullion coins will vary depending on precious metals markets. Prices can change daily.
  • Condition taken into account - Along with the type of precious metal used, the condition of the coin is also taken into account. If you have a coin that is badly damaged, it will not be valued at top dollar but will still have its melt value, which is the price of the metal on the market.
  • Higher value for proofs - Proof versions of these coins can garner a higher value with numismatists.

How do collectors maintain 1-ounce Gold Eagles?

Maintaining any valuable coin is key to getting a good price should you decide to sell your items in the future.

  • Slab your coin to keep it fully protected. A professional coin expert can do this for you. He or she will also give you a grading at the time it is encased.
  • Avoid touching your coins with your bare hands. If you must handle them, using a pair of white archive gloves will help protect the surface of the coin.
  • Store your coins in a safe, secure space to avoid damage or theft.