Choosing a 1-DIN In-Dash HD Radio-ready Touchscreen with GPS

An in-dash video unit is one way to upgrade your vehicle's functionality. Devices that are radio-ready are designed to pick up broadcast signals from HD radio stations and send them to your car's stereo. Knowing what brands carry these HD radio units, what specifications they have, and how to install them may help you select the one that works for you.

What brands offer 1-DIN in-dash HD-radio touchscreens?

Some companies that produce these audio products are:

  • Alpine: This Japanese company is a subsidiary of Alps Electric and primarily manufactures equipment for GPS navigation and sound systems.
  • Clarion: This company produces both visual and general communications equipment, including car-stereo systems and related accessories.
  • JVC: JVC produces consumer electronic components on an international level.
  • Pioneer: This company is headquartered in Tokyo and specializes in making entertainment electronics and systems.
What are some features of 1-DIN in-dash units?

Many 1-DIN HD radio units have additional features besides acquiring radio broadcasts. Some standard features you can find include:

  • CD or DVD Players: Some units have slots for inserting CDs that can be played through the car's stereo system. They can also play videos on the touchscreen.
  • GPS: A touchscreen video unit with GPS can help you plot a course to the destination of your choice.
  • Bluetooth capabilities: HD radios with Bluetooth functionality interface wirelessly with other devices and can offer you hands-free controls.
What tools do you need to install an HD radio?

While the precise method for installing an audio unit can vary depending on the car you're putting it into, the following tools may be necessary:

  • Prying tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire strippers and crimpers
  • Cable ties and connectors
  • Electrical tape
How do you install an HD radio touchscreen?

The steps below are a general guide for installing a Bluetooth video unit in the dash of your car. Always check the manufacturer's instructions before beginning any work.

  • Remove the old unit: Use whatever tools and methods that the manufacturer recommends to remove the current radio.
  • Install the kit: A dashboard kit for your make and model of vehicle should fill in gaps and leave openings for buttons.
  • Install the harness: A wiring harness acts as an adapter between the various connections.
  • Install an antenna adapter: It might be necessary to install a second adapter to create compatibility between your car's antenna and the audio system.