Finding the Right 1/0 AWG Car Audio and Video Ring Terminal

Whether you are listening to an audiobook in your car on your way to work or blasting music with your friends, ring terminals can be a great way to ensure that your car stereo sound quality does not degrade. These terminals cap your 1/0 wire with a conductive tip, and they are offered in multiple styles. To familiarize yourself with the car audio options that are offered, just take a look through this collection.

How many types of ring terminal electronics are there?

When it comes to 1/0 wire and connectors for your car audio, four types of speaker wire terminals are offered. Each type has its unique quirks, and the installation process for each type is also slightly different. These four styles are:

  • Booted: These wire caps are equipped with plastic tips that slide over insulated wire. These tips are usually either red or black, but other colors are sometimes substituted.
  • Non-insulated: These audio devices consist of an exposed copper tip. These devices are crimped in place with a special tool.
  • Shrink wrap: These devices are similar to booted wire caps. However, instead of featuring solid plastic tips, these devices have shrink wrap bands.
  • Screw ring: These devices do not require the use of a crimper. Instead, they contain a small screw that is locked into place with a hex wrench once wire is inserted.
How do you select the right terminal wiring type?

If you want your wires to your car stereo system to be completely sealed against any conditions, only shrink wrap terminals will do the job. But if it is okay for wires to be slightly exposed, non-insulated devices can be easy to work with. If you do not have a crimper on hand, it might be wise to choose screw ring terminals. Whichever model you choose, you may want to consider measuring your wire beforehand to make sure that your preferred terminals will fit.

How do you install a heat shrink terminal?

When it comes time to install heat shrink terminals on your speaker wire, there are a few basic steps you will need to follow:

  • Cut a length of speaker wire that will suffice for your purposes. Using wire strippers, strip approximately 1/4 inch of insulation off each end of the wire.
  • Slide a heat shrink conductive tip over one end of the exposed wire. Slide the shrink band into place so that it covers both the conductive tip and the insulated wire.
  • Use a crimper to secure the conductive tip in place. Make sure to use the crimper setting that is labeled as "1/0 AWG." Then, use a heat gun to tighten the shrink band.
  • If yo will be adding conductive tips to both ends of the wire, repeat steps one through three for the other end.